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Welcome to Stars and Stripes

Welcome to Stars and Stripes clan, a gaming community for Battlefield since 2003. You must register to post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple process that requires minimal information. Create Account or Sign In.

To apply for our clan, Register on our website, after doing this, the "Join SAS" will appear at the top for you to fill out an application.
  • Stars and Stripes has been playing Battlefield since 2003.
  • We play other games such as DayZ, ArmA 3, and Star Citizan.
  • We are a relaxed and casual community but also take part in competitive matches.
  • We do NOT sort our members into military ranks, everyone is equal in our community.
  • Teamspeak 3 is the core of our community, you do NOT need to be a member to play with us! ts3.sasklan.com
Guest Message by DevFuse


*=SAS=* Rules Of Conduct



Being part of *=SAS=* isn't just about being tagged up, it's about being part of a close group of gamers who enjoy gaming.

We game for fun and to get to know people.If you decide that you want to be a part of the *=SAS=* community then you are agreeing to our rules.

This 'Code of Conduct' is a way of letting everyone know what those rules are. We are not tyrants here, we like to have fun,

but we also wish to foster a sense of pride and respect among our members.  


Wearing the Tag
When you wear the *=SAS=* tag you are representing the community. We want to be represented as a fun, friendly and casual gaming community. We play for fun and have a high appreciation for our servers. We don’t tolerate any of our members to act a fool in other servers, as we do not expect that to happen in our servers. 
We also expect that you wear the tags at all times. If for some reason you have another obligation and are unable to wear the tags, for instance you play a game competitively and are representing that competitive team, we would also ask that as soon as your match is over that you resume wearing your *=SAS=* tags, but again, please bring it to our attention so there are no issues and it can be discussed.
Server Rules
We wish to provide a fun yet fair environment when it comes to playing on Stars and Stripes servers.
It is paramount that we lead by example, and not allow ourselves to do things that we wouldn't want pubbers to do.
1. No racism/discrimination and/or abusive behavior: We have Zero tolerance for any Racist remarks on the server and you will be removed from the server for it. Joking around within reason, is fine, but serious insults of Religion, Sex, Race to make someone feel unwelcome are not acceptable.
2. No Pub Trolling: We do not call pubbers any kind of abusive names, treat them with respect, we want them to come back.  If you are having a problem with a pubber, call an admin and let them help you.
3. No Cheating: We have a Zero tolerance policy for any hacking/cheating and glitch abusing on ANY server including our own, you will be removed if caught.
4. Team Killing: Do not purposely team kill. This means don't team kill a friendly because he killed you purposely, report it to an admin - there is NO excuse for purposely TKing.
5. Don't Whine: If someone decides they want to use rockets, mortars or want to snipe, let them do so. Do not be annoying purely to stop them playing the way they want.
Teamspeak Rules of Conduct
This is the "bread & butter" of our community, where we all get together, and we need to make sure it's an environment we can ALL enjoy together.


1- Show respect to everyone, and treat others as you would like to be treated.
2- No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.  Excessive flaming is also discouraged.
3- No discussing instructions on the use of hacks or glitches or you will be subject to removal.

4- Please do not openly accuse other players or members of cheating in the channel. If you have an issue, seek out an admin and they will address it (please provide evidence).
5- Please do not come into a channel and be disruptive. If you are being disruptive and someone asks you to stop, please do so.
6- Voice Spamming or playing music over teamspeak with the intent to disrupt gameplay is not allowed.
7- Advertising products, sites, clans and services not related to SAS is not allowed, unless you have been given direct permission from either weaklinkz or Trunkz Jr.  
8- Using 'voice activation' mode is allowed, but highly discouraged. When using a headset, we implore you to utilize PTT (Push to Talk).  

If you must use voice activation PLEASE make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn't triggered by your breathing or your neighbor's chainsaw.
9- No 
offensive (sexual or racist) names. Names containing sexual or racist reference is not allowed and you will be asked to change your name. If you refuse, you will be banned.
Ark Server Rules 
Server Settings 

• This is a PvE server with Tribe Warfare supported. If you would like to PvP please feel free to declare war on tribes that would like to.

Max Difficulty (6x due to Difficulty 6 mod)

• Map: Valhalla

• 6x Taming Speed

• 3x XP Rate

• 2x Gather Rate

• Level 150 for Players (so you can learn all the engrams, plus extra points for new items)

• Increased Day Time and Reduced Night Time

• Increased Structure Resistance (0.65)

• Reduced Food and Water Consumption Rates for Players (0.8)

• Player Map Location Enabled

• Third Person Camera Enabled

• Gamma, Downloads, Crossahairs Disabled

• Dinos have been re-balanced so wild dinos are more dangerous and tamed dinos not so OP.


This server is also Modded with the below mods:

Metal with Glass

No Collision Check

ARK: Reborn Lite

Advanced Architecture Mod

Morecrating ARK

Difficulty 6


Please keep in mind that this is still an Alpha game and neither the game or the mods are 100% perfect. These are stackable mods though and should not break when the game is updated, but we are at the mercy of the mod creators. We will not reimburse players for items/dinos/etc. lost due to game or mod bugs, we cannot verify what you had and as such cannot replace them.


○ Rules

• All players are expected to abide by these rules. Please note they may be updated without prior notice as needed.


○ General Rules

1.  No racism/discrimination and/or abusive behavior:  We have Zero tolerance for any Racist remarks on the server and you will be removed from the server for it. Joking around within reason, is fine, but serious insults of Religion, Sex, Race to make someone feel unwelcome are not acceptable.

2.  No Cheating: We have a Zero tolerance policy for any hacking/cheating and glitch abusing on ANY server including our own, you will be removed if caught.

3.  Excessive trolling or drama: This will not be tolerated, no one wants to see this. 

2.  Poaching/Advertising: This is never cool and will earn you a ban. 

○ Game Specific Rules

1. Griefing, and Terrorizing players in the server to the point that they will quit the server, is not allowed. As a PvPvE server we allow raiding but please be considerate and don't force someone to quit the server.

2. No messing with pets people are taming. Placing standing torches or some form of clear indicator around your tame to make it clear its a tame. Please cleanup whatever you place when you are done taming.

3. Foundation spam will be removed without warning. Foundation spam that is used as a form of griefing will also be removed and the offending players/tribes will be warned. Continuing this behavior will result in a ban.

4. If you choose to engage in PvP via Tribe Warfare please understand the following:

 - MAKE SURE YOU AGREE UPON A TIME FRAME EVERYONE IS GOOD WITH. Admins are not able to nullify tribe wars so if you start a war for 300 in-game days you are stuck with it. If you want to be able to PvP/Raid only during prime time hours make sure that is what both tribes agree to and you setup when you start the war.

 - Excessive damage (e.g. destroying everything inside the base) or destroying a tribes entire base is not acceptable. This will lead to bans.

 - Please understand if you decide to engage in PvP this is your choice since you have to accept the tribe war. With the exception of above Admins will not intervene as this was 100% your choice to participate or not. 

5. Please note that any players deemed to be having a significant negative impact on the server and its stability may be removed at admin discretion.

○ Additional Notes 

• Structure decay IS ACTIVE on this server. This is to reduce the drain on server resources as well as ensure people are able to build where they may want. 

• Please see an admin if you have any questions or concerns. 
• Any questions, complaints or wanting to report a violation should be handled via teamspeak with a server admin (ts3.sasunity.com). Please collect as much evidence as possible when reporting a violation. Screenshots are mandatory. 

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